Advanced Diagnostics At-A-Glance

Advanced Leadership

What does it mean to be independent and physician-led? For Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare System, it means creating an environment where highly trained and respected physicians are free to make the best decisions about your healthcare, without bureaucratic restrictions. What’s more, because our facilities are not teaching or research hospitals, we are patient-centric. Instead of being driven by research trials and professionals in training, we’re driven by your care. Advanced Diagnostics was founded by physicians, is led by physicians and is dedicated to your health above all else.

Advanced Integrated Healthcare Services

At Advanced Diagnostics, we care for patients using an integrated healthcare services model. In our approach, also called Coordinated Care, all the healthcare professionals involved in your health communicate continuously and coordinate their expertise to maximize both the success of your treatment plan and your overall well-being. Which means that our care is focused not just on a condition or disease, but on you.

Advanced Facilities

From wellness screenings to emergencies, from telemedicine to occupational medicine, from primary care to urgent care in Houston and Dallas, Advanced Diagnostics hospitals and clinics offer comprehensive care in convenient locations. All of our hospitals and clinics provide a full service, 24-hour emergency department, operating rooms, multispecialty clinics and state-of-the-art imaging. In Houston, both River Oaks Hospital & Clinics, located between River Oaks and the Galleria, and Advanced Diagnostics East Houston Hospital & Clinics, located in East Houston, are outside of Houston’s Medical Center complex. Advanced Dallas Hospital & Clinics, the newest addition to the Advanced Diagnostics system, is located just minutes off Central Expressway in Dallas.

In-Network Healthcare

Advanced Diagnostics is a system of in-network hospitals and clinics, accepting a majority of insurance plans, including worker’s comp, and Medicare.